Happy National Doo Dah Parade Day!

photo 4Hello!

How better to celebrate a parade holiday than with a parade!? The Doo Dah Parade and festival are popular in Birmingham and Pasadena, not my home town, so this was for a slightly different reason. Lebanon, a small town east of Albany, holds the annual strawberry festival and the first Saturday in June is always the date of the strawberry parade. You’ll find strawberries tacked on everything and middle aged women in red tops and green tutus, pretending that their costumes are appropriate. My mom’s band always takes part in it and I remember marching my fair share of them, even in elementary school when I held the banner.  Eric and I walked along side them to urge them back into neat lines and shout what foot they were supposed to be stepping with. Eric also took on the duties of shoe lace patrol and tied quite a few knots to avoid tripping. It was also a heck of a lot waiting around the hot sun but that’s to be expected of any parade, really. Hot sun or pouring down rain, there never seems to be a middle ground! Celebrate today by joining a parade, watching one, or creating one yourself. Happy holidays!


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