Happy National Donut Day!


“We go nuts for donuts!” That’s my (un)official slogan for today’s holiday! You may remember some other posts in the past when I showcased the beautiful treats that I grabbed from Bluestar Donuts in downtown Portland. I’m not a huge donut fan but there’s something special and kind of grown up about the ones that they serve and I can’t get enough of it. Hence the unquestionable trip over there this morning. Nick and Jason went with me to celebrate the holiday and it was a lovely way to start the day. I don’t know if I’ve introduced the blog to Jason yet, probably not, he’s a clarinetist and a grad student at PSU and it’s a pleasure playing with him in my ensembles. We chatted for an extra minute or two this morning before we set off walking north to the donut shop because Nick slept through his alarm, like a silly guy.

The one donut that I’ve gotten every single time and has never disappointed me is the blueberry bourbon basil. It’s just so refreshing and elegant. Two toned flavor with the sweet and savory… You just can’t go wrong. I also opted to try a lemon poppy donut because it sounded interesting and the lemon frosting was to die for. Heaven in my mouth. The donuts were really fresh, still warm even, so the ‘shell’ of the donut collapsed under the pressure to pick it up and the frosting just oozed all over your fingers. It was scrumptious! Sure, a little messy to eat on the walk back to class, but worth every finger licking moment. Nick said he wasn’t too much of a fan of his maple bacon donut but I warned him that maple bacon is only good for the trend value. Even a high class place can’t magically solve innate imperfection.

Another momentous event, besides the amazing holiday, is the fact that it’s the last school day of the term! Technically, I’ve finished all of my classes for Spring term and now I’m just off to the dress rehearsal for our Orchestra concert tonight, I’m moving out this weekend, and then driving back up for three days of finals next week. On one hand I can’t believe that Eric and I can finally be finished with two excruciating years of long distance but it’s also a little sad to think that the friends I’ve made here won’t be around in the fall, like Nick who’s going off to Texas to be successful. Psshh. I just can’t imagine wind symphony without Allison making faces at me or Sam and Sarah in the hall. Crazy. Life moves on, though, right? I guess… Luckily I won’t be starting completely at square one next year, there will be some familiar faces, but considering how tiny my social circle is right now I’m basically at square one. – But we won’t think about that right now. Instead, we’ll munch on a sweet donut and think of simpler times. Happy holidays!


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