Happy National Hot Air Balloon Day!



I’ve been watching the skies carefully and there are no hot air balloons to be seen. Nothing. Natta. Zip. Zilch. In Albany you see lots of balloons out and about, usually flying right over our house, and we even have the Art and Air festival each summer where you get to see loads of them but I can only imagine their panic trying to maneuver over downtown Portland. Oh, you’re going down, are you? Let’s see, you can land on the Freeway or a lot of tall buildings. Aim for the park blocks maybe? Don’t expect anyone to move for you, though, that would be too polite of them. I’ve never flown a hot air balloon or even have ridden in one but it’s doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it’s best to land somewhere open and soft, like a grass field. At least it’s sunny and beautiful! I’ll just have to imagine the deafening’ gushhh’ of flames heating the balloon high above my head. Maybe I’ll open my snapchat and enjoy the balloon decal when you slide up the page where your sending your message. Alright, new holiday challenge: have a snap chat? Find the hot air balloon and celebrate!


After_the_Rain_400_px_heightP.S. Are you a bike rider? You need these high quality LED front lights from ActivFortis. They’re durable, bright, and increase your safety on the road. It also makes a great Father’s day present!

P.S. Zãna is an up and coming musical artist who has just released her first single, Into My Bed, with a teaser music video! Follow the link to discover her music and then share it with your friends in anticipation of the iTunes release soon!

HannahandmadedesignerhandbagpursenamelessP.S. Nameless is an accessory company that’s shaking things up a bit. Wear styles, not brands, and get Nameless! You don’t pay for branding or a flashy logo, just elegant, high quality style. This one is my favorite!

P.S. Looking for an Atlanta Criminal Lawyer? Pak and McRae Law is a criminal defense firm in Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in traffic tickets, drug, and alcohol crimes. Get all the legal help and coverage you need.

MainImage1P.S. Coffee Blocks is an innovative product that has recently launched their Kickstarter campaign. It’s the easiest way to start your day off with healthy fats. Throw back a serving of coffee with grass fed butter, coconut oil, egg yolk, and vanilla. Just stir into hot water and enjoy!

InTheDistance1000P.S. Sally Banfill Photography is a new Etsy shop that features textured photography that can be printed on canvas or Kodak Endura paper. Check out the beautiful Poetry of Windows series, like the photo to the right.

P.S. Perfect Pores Clay is called ‘gold for the skin’ and just a little bit of clay goes a long way. Look for more amazing skin products from Twitty Natural Products! Like them on Facebook and get special deals!


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