Happy National Old Maid’s Day!


I don’t know about you but I’m a little bit of a mess today! I mean, sure I got through all of my classes and am doing fine mentally but my feet hurt, I have a pounding headache, my arms are sore from holding up heavy instruments, and I have a seriously achy back. This is the holiday curse, I tell you! I’m just not the spritely 18 year old I was a year before. Gosh, guys – I’m nearly 20! Almost fully out of my teenage charisma and the fountain of youth will no doubt only diminish from here. Soon I’ll officially be an old maid, if I’m not already nearly there. The aches and pains will be a fuss and having to take care of everyone else over yourself isn’t exactly a charming idea but I think there has to be some good in it too, otherwise no one would get old! Think about those senior citizen discounts, free bus passes, getting ushered in at weddings, and let’s not forget the unyielding power and authority over small children. Yeah, I think being an old maid isn’t too bad after all. It’s almost 5 already? Time for supper and then off to bed!


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