Happy National Thank God it’s Monday Day!


We’re back for the last time this year – week 10! I’ve been counting down since … Oh, I don’t know – week 1. Never mind that though, we’re here. TGIM! Really the worst day of the week for me has always been Sunday when I had to hop on a bus and leave everyone again. I really do actually love school and enjoy my time in class and with everyone up here but Albany is my real home. Once I get off the Bolt there’s not much I can do to escape from reality but make a cup of tea and charge on. Throw on a polka dot sweater and just do it. For anyone who’s a little skeptical about this holiday, or even the concept, just think… it could be Tuesday and then you really know there’s no turning back! Best of all, it’s only four more days until Friday and we can start checking things off of the do-to list right now. Productivity, efficiency, happiness, success – it all starts somewhere and right now that somewhere is called Monday. Happy holidays and TGIM!


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