Happy National Go Barefoot Day!


What’s up with all of the holidays about feet? No shoes, go barefoot, no socks… Can’t a girl bundle up her toesies and toss on a pair of tennies without any grief? My feet are always cold so I’m a little less than enthusiastic about this holiday. Those flats in the corner have been in my possession for at least six years and have been 2+ sizes too small for the entire time that I’ve owned them! I had to look a little nicer today to play for a concert and got to wear one of my new Forever21 dresses with the usual polka-dot sweater and these shoes because all my more comfortable flats are still in Portland. Although I always have something on my feet I was a little relieved to slip off those constraints! I looked cute and played well then got to relax and hang out for the rest of the concert in the front row. Don’t worry though, after a run through Dairy Queen for traditional after-concert Blizzards we got home and I slipped my socks on once more! Next onto the bus to go back home. Can you believe this is the last time I have to ride the bus back up to Portland while we do long distance? Crazy! I could jump for joy, barefoot of course!


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