Happy National Cellophane Tape Day!

tape faceHello!

I was always a major tape consumer growing up and would use entire rolls on craft projects and displays for class. If there was one thing that was always on the shopping list, it was tape. … Though as you can see in the photo I never mastered the tape face. I also didn’t learn about the magic of duct tape for quite some time so it was always that clear Scotch tape that caught my eye. At one point in my elementary school life I decided that it was my mission to create an expansive cardboard Polly Pocket mansion for my friend’s birthday. How could I possibly get pieces of flimsy shoe boxes to stand up into a masterpiece without a little help? Yep, tape. Don’t even get me started on the little chairs and figurines that went inside – some of them were literally just tape. At the end of the day (many days, rather), and having fully emptied Staples, the piece was completed and my friend and I could play Polly Pockets in a one of a kind, authentic mansion suited to our interests.

Tape is amazing because it holds all the little bits and pieces together to create something new. It’s not re-engineering and it’s certainly not meant for stable structuring but there’s something really magical about tape that gives you an ‘I can do this all by myself’ mentality. Give me thread, nails, or even glue and I might hesitate to take on a project but give me tape and I know what I’m working with.


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