Happy Memorial Day!


Memorial Day means an extra day in Albany and a short school week which I really appreciate. NPR has been running really thoughtful news stories all morning of interviews remembering fallen soldiers and friends and it prompted a conversation with Eric about what we would be remembered for and what kinds of words people might use to describe us. It’s important that we don’t forget that those who serve their country are real people with real personalities, families, and lives. One quote that grabbed me before I turned off the car was that the complacency of our citizens is pulling us back and we need to actively care and participate to ensure that this country and its people are worth fighting for.

photo1Then after the sappy, thoughtful radio programing Eric and I arrived at Walmart and were greeted by a pretty cool event. What started as a quick errand run for allergy medication turned into a fun little spectacle as we watched a motocross event in the parking lot. Apparently Walmart and Coca-cola sponsored this Memorial Day Event and were giving out hotdogs and balloon animals for the kids. I’m not an adrenaline junkie or anything so every time they did a huge trick and let go of their bike, twisted it to the crowd, or did flips I would just cringe until they landed! Luckily there were no crashes and the short show was pretty cool. It’s little surprises like this on a summer day that perk my mood! Happy holidays!


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