Happy International Jazz Day!


This morning I dove into the challenging world of beginning oboe head-first with four oboe students. Four straight hours of ‘more air,’ ‘think open,’ ‘match my pitch,’ ‘are you high or low,’ ‘what key are we in,’ ‘give the quarter the full value,’ etc. I love teaching and I really have seen improvement in every one of my students, even the new girl who just started the oboe today, but I had no idea how tiring that would be! But it’s done, I have some cash in my wallet, and the oboists of Albany are thriving. In my very optimistic self I thought perhaps I would do some improvisation exercises with my students today to get a little ‘jazzy’ but of course helping with their playing tests and working on tone production took center stage and that plan went out the window.

Next up on the docket Eric and I are headed south to the Nazarene campground where they’re doing the ‘days of renewal’ to get some work done on the campground and spend some time together. Eric’s playing in the worship band and I’m really just tagging along for the fun of it. On the drive down you can bet that the jazz station will be blaring as we road trip for an hour or so. Find some funky tunes and jam or grab an instrument and play! Did you know Dizzie Galespie got his first trumpet for $5 at a second hand shop? That could be you! Happy holidays!


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P.S. “Expat!” by Anne Alden is a major page turner and is perfect if you need an escape. It’s a story about a husband and wife who move to follow a job in Taiwan and are faced with unexpected struggles in the new environment and how to cope with betrayal and loneliness.

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paperbook_cover (1)P.S. Amazing Dolphin Pictures has 100 beautiful photos of dolphins in crisp, clear images. Be prepared to be amazed as you flip through photos of dolphins swimming together and flying out of the water.

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