Happy National Don’t Fry Day!


It’s Friday! Hallelujah. I never used to be one of those ‘count down to the end of the week’ people but now that we’re so close to the end of this year and doing long distance I can’t help but be giddy when the week is over. Like, I had no idea how much the stereotype of working towards the weekend was until I worked with those guys at the mill last summer. Monday – “Monday’s too tiring to work hard.” Tuesday – “Well, I guess we gotta do something.” Wednesday – “Hump dayyyy; halfway done, let’s be done.” Thursday – “But it’s basically Friday, right?” Friday – “Alrighty, I’m out.” I literally heard those sentiments from every level of employment and it just blew my mind! Don’t get me wrong, those guys work really hard and do a great job but imagine if they treated every day like Tuesday. Mind blowing.

Alright, off of that tangent, it’s Friday, yes, but it’s also National Don’t Fry Day. There was a little bit of confusion about the intention of this one so … Oh man … I literally just realized as I’m typing this that I totally screwed this one up. Ugh. To proceed, we’re both going to protect our skin from frying in the spring sun and avoid fried foods – hence the beautiful, healthy breakfast and sunscreen. On the one hand the spring sun is no where to be found and it’s been raining on and off and chilly enough to warrant the usual sweater, scarf, jacket combo so I’m set there. As a golden haired girl with freckles I burn so easily and if there’s ever anyone frantically searching for a tree to stand under with a bottle of SPF 120 in their purse, it’s me. Don’t fry? Already on it, but thanks for the reminder!

And now for my embarrassment… I made a delicious breakfast of yogurt and granola topped with fresh nectarines and a banana with carrot juice and loose leaf tea to drink. Definitely not fried, right? Then I went to class, rehearsal, and took my piano test and raced out the door to catch the bus home. Well, I raced faster than I expected and was about 15 minutes earlier than I needed to be at the bus stop so what did I do? Stop in at McDonalds. McDonalds. Oh, and what did I get? … Fries. It obviously does not actually matter to anyone, hardly even often enough to me, whether or not I give the holidays their proper celebration but I do always try to make an effort do something and today I was all in. … Until I scarfed down a medium fry and licked my salty, greasy fingers clean. Whoops! Let’s see if you guys can do a little better than me and have a little self-control, or at least a decent attention span!

world turtle dayGeez, this is turning into a long post today. I suppose that it makes up for the really short ones that I’ve been writing lately. It’s also World Turtle Day! Shout out to Emily, my bestie who has always been turtle obsessed – we saw her tortoise Speedy last year. And a second shout out to my fiancé Eric for sending me a photo of this flier for a super creepy, celebrational turtle burger. Welcome to community college everyone!


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