Happy World Goth Day!


We’re taking a different edge today to celebrate World Goth Day today – remember last year? I went a little crazy with the eye liner and the super sad poem and I think we’ll pull it back a little bit… We mature with every go-around, right?

Let’s be honest, I am quite the opposite of goth. Golden hair, blue eyes, peach blush on the cheek bones, and a wardrobe of colorful sneakers and polka dot sweaters. Today I’m even wearing a bright blue Toy Story t-shirt – you can just see the top of Buzz’s head in the corner. Like, mint, peach, and tangerine are my favorite colors. Mint, peach, and tangerine. I think I’ve proved my point. … Or have I? If I have the right to be a peppy, stereotypically ‘cute’ girl then anyone else has the right to express themselves as they see fit. If someone likes spiky boots, black lipstick, and trench coats then have at it! We needn’t stare nor disapprove because your clothes and the way that you present yourself are true expressions of you. Sure, some styles aren’t great for job interviews and you might scare little kids at the park but it should be your decision if you want to be goth or not and today’s holiday is all about that choice. The holiday calendar seems to be on a bit of a love and acceptance kick, which is fine by me. Throw on the eye liner and crank up the black and white to celebrate!


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