Happy National Eliza Doolittle Day!


Once again NPR is the very best and seems to capture my sentiments to a tee! I’m not going to repeat the article for you so please take 2 minutes to click the link and read that article before you move on. Think of this as like a video game checkpoint! If you hate NPR for some terribly silly reason just pretend that I wrote it and then praise me for my thoughtfulness and wisdom, of course. Did you complete the checkpoint? Now we can continue and I’m going to make today’s article short and sweet because I have orchestra soon and nothing today has been too extreme or noteworthy. As a ‘writer’ I believe that written expression is really important and proper grammar and spelling are tools that can be used to elevate oneself. It’s not that a typo on your Facebook status will make anyone think less of you but we should learn from Eliza Doolittle that speech matters! I don’t even know what else to say, that article summed it up! Happy holidays, everyone!


CMS_photosP.S. Circle Me Silly: the goHoodie project is looking for supporters on Kickstarter. It’s a great way to carry all of your kids’ stuff to the beach as it acts as a coverup, towel, hat, and backpack!

P.S. A-T Books, Inc. published a Simple Guide to the Immigration Laws of the United States, available in print and eBook form, that will provide everything that you need to know when coming to America. Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Visiting_with_JoshuaP.S. Joshua has a dream of being a glassblower and needs your help to get there. He has turned his life around from a rough childhood and is working odd jobs to get by. Help resurrect his dreams!

tropical-spiralP.S. Max Kutz is a talented abstract artist who specializes in acrylic paints on canvas. It’s amazing how he can turn the mundane into something extraordinary and maintain simple accessibility!

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-P.S. This witty, tongue-in-cheek blog, Diary of a Republican Hater, covers current news events, economic trends, and other main stream media ideas while challenging what we all might think of politics. Check it out!

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