Happy National Boys’ Club Day!


Any Parks and Rec fans out there? The first thing I thought of when I looked at today’s holiday was the Parks’ episode ‘Boys’ Club’ from the very first season. If you aren’t super familiar with Parks and Recreation you really have to check it out on Netflix because it’s one of the greats. I’m a fan of most NBC shows but they really nailed it with this one. Now, like most shows, you have to basically roll through the first season and have faith that it gets better before the characters develop into their true selves. Though it’s crazy hilarious how spot on Ron Swanson is across all six seasons. Sure, his mustache got a little thicker and his giggle got a little goofier but this clip above from the Boys’ Club episode just cracks me up. Can you imagine if the world actually ran like this? I know I’m going to blow your mind, but do you realize that there are some people out there in the world who actually think like this? Crazy, I know! I know that I’m not the most open minded person in the world but I think that there are a few things wrong with this ideology. Maybe it’s because I’m a female but I know that we have a lot to offer the world and I’m not going to be shut into a box. Women, let’s break down the barriers on all the boys’ clubs and invite ourselves in. Sometimes you have to just power through and have a beer in the courtyard with the boys. (Don’t get the reference? -> Netflix, friends!) Happy holidays!


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