Happy National I Love Reeses Day!


Mmmmmm… Chocolate and peanut butter all dolled up in one wonderful candy! A huge portion of the top row of the candy aisle was reserved for these extra large Reeses units today so they were easy to find. They even stuffed 6 full size Reeses peanut butter cups in this one, beautiful package – now that’s good marketing!

Last night our church held an auction event to fundraise a Work and Witness team who are going to build homes and churches in Costa Rica. Part of the auction was a really cool event called the desert dash. Our mouths were watering over this beautiful table of pies and cakes when we walked in the door and we later realized it was to get us ready to fight over them later. As table groups we put money down in order to get first dibs on what dessert we wanted. So basically the table that donated the most money got the first chance to dash and grab their dessert. We dashed and got to enjoy an absolutely delicious peanut butter pie with an oreo crust. It wasn’t my first choice but holy cow once I had my first bite I was hooked! Little did I know it was just a little bit of a warm-up for today. If you love Reeses candy today’s the day to celebrate. Ditch the diet and fall in love with a scrumptious peanut butter and chocolate collision.


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