Happy National Mike the Headless Chicken Day!


Saturdays are just the best. They’re the very best day of the week and I just love when they roll around. I had just one lesson this morning as my other students were busy with dance events and basketball tournaments. After I got some work out of the way I went to go drive a Ford vehicle for my old high school. The Ford dealership has a really cool fundraiser event called Drive 4 UR School where they’ll donate $20 for each driver who does a test drive, up to $6000. I got to drive one of those cool hybrid cars that are silent up to like 5 mph. I turned it on and held the key over way too long because it didn’t sound like it started! “Ready to drive” showed up on the dash and it was a super weird feeling… really nice car though! I really wanted to try the automatic parallel parking but I was told that I wasn’t allowed to. Darn! That concept still blows my mind and I have yet to see it in person. The school got $20 for me, nonetheless, so it was a good event all in all.

I know, I know – enough rambling! Let’s get to the holidays! Eric and I did our typical mall walk and then got wings for dinner to celebrate. We’re a little obsessed with saucy boneless wings right now so we got a bunch from Pizza Hut. It took a ridiculously long time to get our food though, I swear that place is one of the most poorly run establishments… For one thing we were asked ‘dine in or dine out?’ by every employee in the joint, at least three times each. We left to get Slurpees, an automatic pairing, and came back. As Eric went inside to grab our food and I stayed in the car, slurping away, he said something hilarious about the ‘dine in/out’ scenario that I of course can’t quote now. … So, I guess that detail is super useless, but I’m not going to backspace it. You’ve read it now and we’re moving on! It was good food after we finally got it (45 minutes later!!) but I shouted, “Oh I need a photo!!” as Eric was putting the last bite in his mouth. He offered a view of what he had half-chewed but I’m pretty sure no one needs to see that. I bet you can imagine what Mike, the headless chicken, looks like without a photo. In case you can’t, just imagine a chicken and then erase his head. There – you’ve got it! Happy holidays everyone! It’s not too late to get some wings and beer, if you’re of age!


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