Happy National Pizza Party Day!

pizza party


It’s pizza party day! Yay! I’m back in Albany for the weekend (double yay)! Tonight is just a two person party, nothing much, as Eric isn’t off work until 9 and my padre is at a baseball game. As usual, though, I love hanging out with mumsy and the pizza we picked up was delish! You can’t beat sundried tomatoes and feta cheese. Whoever decided to bring that across the pond is a genius, and I thank you! I think a party is whatever you make of it – you can go to a rave and have a terrible time or you can practice your solo piece, watch some HGTV, snack on some pizza, and have a lovely time with just one other person. Next up is the state band contest where we will hear my alma mater fight to the death. We always placed well and I anticipate that will happen again! I can’t wait to root them on, quietly of course – with good audience etiquette, and listen to some powerful music. Once again, I can’t wait to get up there and do that myself. I hope that everyone has a lovely Friday and gets a good start on their weekend with a pizza party among friends.


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