Happy National Chocolate Chip Day!

chocolate chipsHello!

Before we dive into things can we please take a moment to acknowledge how cool this photo turned out? I always try to put up fun photos with the posts to grab your attention or give you a little chuckle at this weirdo who takes holidays so seriously. I guess the point is that while I take it seriously, I definitely don’t take it seriously. Doesn’t this just make you want to gobble up some chocolate chips? If you don’t get around to reading the whole post, which I guess is up to you (unless you’re a friend of mine in which case I expect you to read every word and follow every link on the bottom, every day – friend code) I at least want the photo to convey the gist of each day. Reading can be a pain but everyone can appreciate an enthusiastic blogger posing by some chocolate chips.

What would cookie dough ice cream be without the chocolate chips? Cookies minus the chips? … I think that’s basically a sugar cookie, and they’re boring! I love, love, love chocolate chips because they make for little handfuls of joy. I don’t have to scarf down a whole candy bar and hate myself, rather I can toss back a couple little pyramids of happiness when I walk by the kitchen and get on with my day. They add just a little pep in your step without ruining your diet and are super useful in the baking world. Gotta love these little guys because they pack a big punch! Take this delicious opportunity to celebrate!


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