Happy National Chicken Dance Day!


We’re going crazy with the animal holidays the past few days! I feel like we’re really taking a trip back to elementary school p.e. when they just have you bounce off the walls for 45 minutes until you’re sweaty and sore then send you back to class. We actually didn’t have a p.e. instructor at my elementary school and our classroom teachers did our lessons. We usually had the combination of gym hockey, freeze tag, car lot (everyone’s favorite), and we’d close it out with the chicken dance. This silly little dance is one of the most tiring things you can do! We might play it at our wedding just to get everyone up and partying but I don’t want to be all sweaty by the time it’s over because if I’m going to dance like a chicken I’m going to do it right! Plus, I somehow manage to forget the motions every single time and then end up making things up until I can jump back in with everyone else… It’s a good thing most of you have never seen my dance moves except in still frames.

Next up is a theory test and then everything else that makes up a usual Wednesday. We’re at the midpoint of the week guys! I would say it’s hump day, but I’m not going to give camels any limelight, today it’s all about the chicks.


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  1. Hey Carrie! Thanks for the Unscriptid shoutout!

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