Happy National Frog Jump Day!


Remember last year? Oh that good old’ Broadway dorm room… It looks like the only thing that’s changed this time around is the backdrop. I think frog jumps are especially tiring because you start so far at the bottom and have throw yourself in the air, knowing full well you’re just going to come right back down. I think it’s a similarly tiring process in life. We can often suffer complacency and convince ourselves that where we are now and what’s already been done is good enough because we’re not willing to put in the effort to jump. Yesterday I had to do something that was really hard for me but I knew that it had to be done. After putting myself through a little bit of a trial I feel better about the situation and am glad that I did it, otherwise I would still be stuck on the ‘ground’, waiting for someone else to do the jumping. Sure, you might fall and odds are you will at some point – gravity always seems to get’cha – but the time in the air should be worth any effort or pain. Do some frog jumps to burn off the ‘winter chub’ and contemplate life to make this holiday seem a little less trivial. Happy holidays everyone!


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