Happy Mother’s Day!

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Today’s holiday is far from obscure and cards, flowers, and house cleaning certificates are flying off the shelves. Really, every day should be Mother’s day to recognize all that they do for us. Being a mother is a lifetime job and there really aren’t any days off. Even when the kids move out and you’re an empty nester it’s usually not long until they’re back, even just for dinner. Family is a strong bond that can get you through anything and your family members end up being your life long friends. I’m really lucky to have a mumsy that I get along with so well and although I mostly come home to see Eric I love the excuse to come back and see her, too.

Today after church Conner – my twin brother, mom, and I went out to lunch at our usual spot: PizzAmore. Their food is seriously heavenly, not too expensive, and we can just sit and chat for as long as we want. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Conner so I got more updates on his business, talked about school, and just caught up for a while. Conner and I have always been polar opposites and it’s nice to see that as we get older our maturity is lessening some of those huge divides between us. There were many points in our childhood when we couldn’t have sat down together and talked civilly over lunch; I guess everyone was right – your siblings are better when you’re older. As the older child I’ve always felt that I was right and obviously a wronged victim in every encounter but my parents always monitored mediation and ended up with a fair verdict. Love you mom and thanks for everything you’ve done and continue to do for me, Conner, Eric, and all of the kids at school that you love as your own. Happy Mother’s Day!


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