Happy National Stay Up All Night Day!

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Today has been a lovely Saturday and it will continue into the night, as the holiday requires! I had lessons this morning and then ran up to the Salem ComicCon! That’s definitely not my crowd and I had to be told who everyone was dressed up as but it was kind of fun. Eric is really good friends with the owner of a comic shop in town so he was enlisted to help run the booth and make sales up there. As a way to spend some extra time together this weekend I came up and ‘helped out’. You can see that I got a hug with Chewie from Star Wars and a robot guy that I don’t know. I said to Eric, “Oh – look at that guy with the pink hat over there” and the crew said, “Whaaat? You mean Galacticus? Did you really just call the holder of the universe, pink hat guy?” or something like that – I still actually have no idea who he is. Yay for leaving your comfort zone!

Next up on the agenda is the closing night of the high school’s musical Beauty and the Beast. I’m really excited to see it because I’ve only heard rave reviews and West always puts on a great production. Then Eric and I will meet up again and hang out all night! Watch some movies, break out the popcorn maker, drink a lot of soda, and stay up ’til dawn. Life can be exciting if you get out there and actually do stuff! I’m glad that I got to see a little more of the world and now I’ll see a little more of the night.


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