Happy National Fintastic Friday (Giving Sharks a Voice)!



Did you know that Sharks don’t have the right to vote? This is an absolute outrage and I can’t believe that there’s only one day out of the year when we join forces and fight for these beautiful sea creatures. I’ll be out on the picket lines at high tide if anyone wants to join me. It’s about time that we crush the caricatures and stereotypes to give sharks the respect that they deserve! Give sharks a voice!

When I’m not acting as a volunteer shark activist I’m going to school studying music education, as you might have figured out if you follow along with me. Today I spent the entire day in the Albany schools observing some great band directors. I started back in my old high school with the best band director who has earned an amazing amount of my respect. I heard a lot of the same things from my time in the program but his tricks really work. I had a chance this time around to write some things down and listen with a critical ear. They had a pep assembly today and it really made me miss the camaraderie and fun of high school. Those were some great years and maybe I’ll end up coming back and staying there, who knows… After that, I had lunch with mumsy and observed part of her beginning choir at the middle school and then was off to one of the other middle schools to hear two band rehearsals. Our town is really lucky to have such talented and dedicated people working with our students to build music into their lives. As I watched them my idea book for my own classroom grew exponentially and I could actually imagine myself up there! It’s also so funny to see how personalities change between middle and high school. The high school kids who knew me would wave and ask me why I was there and the ones who didn’t just ignored me or glanced sideways every so often. At the middle school a girl walked straight past me up to the director to say, “There’s a girl there, did you know that?” after he and I had just finished our discussion; not obvious enough? And I’m basically a rock star at Memorial when they realize that I’m Mrs. Buchert’s daughter, which is always fun. They’re so charming at that age (or most of them) and they’re so easily impressed. You’re her daughter? You’re so cool! Green sweater? Oh my gosh – so hip. You go to college? So cool! You have more than lip gloss in your purse? We have to be friends! I think that’s where I want to be and this practicum was really fun because it gave me yet another opportunity to secure my intentions.


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