Happy National No Socks Day!


And so the weather turns sour on us once again… Sigh. The spring weather that got our hopes up just last week is now just a figment of our memories, or imaginations, and now we’re back to the same old thing. You know how in really hot climates people say it’s hard to breathe because the air is so dry that it seems to suck all the moisture out of you with each breath? Well, the air today is so saturated that it’s like breathing in a cloud. The air just feels dense and heavy, as if there’s an invisible fog. With puddles at every corner and the incessant drizzle that just won’t end, I know from experience that socks and a pair of well-sealing tennis shoes are the only way to go. The rest of you living it up in the sun, sand, and surf can waltz around in sandals but I’m just too much of a realist to get in on this one. Yesterday, when it actually was mildly pleasant, I showed off my pedicure and wore some cute summer sandals but ended up back in my trusty kicks by the end of the day. Oregon is a beautiful, lush, and green but that water has to come from somewhere, and that means compromise. Even the hippies wear socks with their Birkenstocks here!


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