Happy National Great American Grump Out Day!

grump outHello!

Somehow the curse of my holidays continues to follow me through my daily life. I should just completely ignore the negative ones because of the curse but alas that is how things go! My morning started out all peachy and I had a whole nice day planned out. Turns out I don’t really like it when people tell me ‘no’. Yeah, I started to say something a little more euphemistic but that’s the real truth. Once I set my mind on something I have officially decided that’s the way things are going to be. Unfortunately, very few people support my plans and so I’m stuck at the current state of where I am no – going nowhere, or educational purgatory as Eric likes to call it. Working with unprofessional people always brings my mood way down and my Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedules always leave me in a major schlump. You can definitely say I am grumpin’ out today. I hope that everyone else had a better day and I know that there is still room for a pleasant evening ahead, but sometimes you gotta just buckle down and celebrate.


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P.S. Look at this super cute video of a big burly dad playing with his daughter! This dad started the channel to give grandma updates on the little angels from around the world and now all of the money that they raise from the channel is going into their college funds! Watch, like, and share!


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