Happy National No Diet Day!

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Hellooooo breakfast! This morning I finally lugged myself out of bed about 20 minutes after my alarm went off and was really not feeling ready to take on the day. I turned on the shower and was checking my emails when I got my favorite early morning notification: class is cancelled! No conducting this morning! Yes! So I hopped back in bed and slept again for longer than I needed to but it was great to have the option. I also didn’t have my ear training class this morning because I’ve already taken my one-on-one performance midterm. That cut down my day’s obligations by quite a bit and has given me some extra time before my lesson at noon to get some articles written for work.

It’s also National No Homework Day and I think I will mostly live up to that one. I rarely have to sit myself down for hours studying or furiously pounding out a term paper as my obligations are more performance based. Either I listened to the theory lectures and understand or I don’t; either I made reeds and practiced or my jury will suck; either I practiced my trumpet for high brass or I won’t hit the partials. Technically that’s all homework but it’s not the traditional format that we all hate after all of these years of schooling. Being a music major rocks! Now to munch on jumbo rainbow chip cookies, drink my tea, and inhale some birthday cake ice cream before my lesson. Everyday is National No Diet Day for me, just when the calling comes I choose to indulge. Happy holidays!


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MIssion_Hands_OriginalP.S. Mission Possible is a deeply moving article that came from a place of love and pain. The author of the article spent 12 weeks mentoring 50 women in the LA mission and is turning negatives into positives with the program Positively Positive.

P.S. The Evan Fund invests in community activities (education, values, athletics, the arts) that help young men and women build positive self-images and embark on positive paths. In honor of Evan Rodrigues who passed away at the age of 19 the goal is to inspire young adults to live life to the fullest. Donate and support them on Facebook and Twitter @theEVANfund.

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