Happy National Cartoonist Day!

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This is a crazy blast from the past that I’m so glad I remembered about! After I put all of this together I realize that I actually drew ‘comics’, not ‘cartoons’, but it’s the same thing at this level of artistry. During my freshman year of high school I somehow got into this thing with drawing stick figure comic strips and would jot them down for friends to be funny(?). It started as a joke but I got a lot of people who said they liked them or thought they were cool so it kept up. I actually made so many comics and was so invested in the project that I compiled my artwork and made bound copies for all of my friends! I doubt they still have them from high school as if it stayed with the important stuff during multiple moves, but it was a super big deal at the time. It’s actually crazy to read back through some of those and just roll my eyes at the fourteen year old me. Like there’s one comic up there about the woes of my first, real want-to-be-boyfriend. Wasn’t that quite the saga! If you look closely you can see that I drew him and I holding hands on the cover page. Forever eternalized as a couple that wasn’t meant to be. If only I had known… haha. Even though I’m sure none of the ‘published’ copies are still in existence the originals are still carefully tucked away. Shout out to my mom who sifted through my Memory Box at home late last night to snap some photos of these bad boys. I think it’s really important to keep tokens of memories over the years and there are a lot of events that I captured in these weird little cartoon/comic strips that otherwise would have been forgotten. It’s not that my life will be somehow lacking if I forgot the memory of the insane thunderstorm and tornado warning before I played in the graduation ceremony but I love the warm tingly feeling that I get when memories come flooding back. I encourage you all to take a gander at my art work in the slide show above for a glimpse into my life five years ago. A little weird, a little immature, and a lot of cute. I’m glad that I held onto these just for an occasion like this. Happy holidays everyone!


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