Happy National Lemonade Day!



Yummmm! I love lemonade because it has just enough tang to give you a little kick and you get the sweet aftertaste that gets you coming back for more. I don’t really remember ever running a lemonade stand when I was little, but my memory does often deceive me. When you make it yourself you can get it just perfect, with a little careful measuring. It’s like the taste pendulum swings so far that you can match your preferences perfectly. Oh the joys of lemonade. Not much else to say here, I think you get the picture.

Today I took the initiative to get up early and ride the Bolt Bus home for the day. Eric had a really rough week after his Chrome bag got stolen with his Kindle Fire and board games inside and then his bike tire popped… It just was a little rough, like mine was a week or two before. I figured it was worth the mere $12 in bus fare to hop on down to spend 12 hours with him. Mom and I got caught back up this morning, went to church, had lunch at PizzAmore, fixed Eric’s bike, got pedicures, and now Eric and I are off to the mall for the classic walk around before we chill and do homework before the bus. There’s something really charming about our little mall and we like to just wander around and look for fun things while we hope to see people we know and awkwardly dash out of sight of those we don’t actually want to encounter. You could say we’re a little sweet and sour on hellos with old friends… A little like lemonade.


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