Happy National Public Radio Day!


I’m a huge NPR buff and I love car rides where I can learn something interesting, get caught up on the news around the world, and laugh along with light news shows and games. While I’m up in Portland without a car I find that I am completely out of the loop. I’m almost always listening to something while I work in my room but it’s almost always Netflix or music. I just get too absorbed in the radio programs to be productive while I multitask. Although, I have to be honest with myself and acknowledge that when it comes down to paying attention to The Office or my music theory homework The Office will always win. My productivity rate seriously diminished while I went through that series again! The point is, when I’m driving, and there’s nothing too pressing to pay attention to, I can just get sucked into the powerful stories that they share and I can feel like the time it took to get from Point A to Point B was anything but a waste. This year my mumsy donated to OPB to support public radio and I quickly snatched up her thank-you prize so if you see me repping that blue wind breaker I hope it’s a reminder to click on the radio and tune in. My absolute favorites are StoryCorps, Car Talk, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, The Moth, and The Puzzle although I like most everything! Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be a liberal hippy to enjoy public radio! Tune in and celebrate today!


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