Happy National Tuba Day!

photo (5)Hello!

Today we’re taking a trip to the back of the band with the tubas where you won’t find many runs and you’re almost always the time keeper. Ah, wouldn’t that be nice. ‘Oompah oompah’ all day long. I tried looking up some funny little tuba jokes or mannerisms to poke fun at but all the musician jokes are the same ones that you’ve heard before, just with different instruments substituted in. Being an oboist myself I’m more than acquainted with the usual arsenal… unfortunately. “What’s the range of a tuba? 10 yards if you have a good arm.” “What’s the difference between a chainsaw and a tuba? People like listening to a chainsaw.” “2 tubists are riding in a car, who’s driving? The policeman.” etc, etc. Sure, they might have resounded in a chuckle the first time you heard it but after a while it just gets a little insulting. Not all tuba players are slow drunks. Not all trumpet players have elevated egos. All oboists are certainly not pretentious ducks. I think the more that musicians rag on each other the more the general population starts to believe it. In a world where music in schools is moving increasingly to the edge as a mere coffee break for the ‘real’ teachers I think it’s very important that we promote ourselves and our crafts in a professional way. It really is a lot of work and the years that we’ve put into our music should prove that ‘oompahs’ are nothing to scoff at. You try lugging this beast around, for one thing! Shout out to Matt for providing the instrument and happy holidays to all of you folks who play around in the basement.


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