Happy National Honesty Day!


Today is the day when we’ll be blunt, honest, and direct. There’s no beating around the bush on April 30! Last year I didn’t get a slap to the face so I’m willing to brave it and celebrate again. Either you answer it truthfully or you lie… and lying isn’t allowed, which radically diminishes your choices. It’s pretty black and white, at least for today. If there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to know, today’s the day to ask. Remember all of the #TruthIs posts on Facebook? (That might have actually been before the hashtags swooped into our lives… It’s all a blur now). Well, they’re coming back today! I’m doing it and so should you! Let’s open up and be honest with each other. Sure, the truth can hurt but it’s better to be straightforward and honest so that you can deal with things instead of lying to sweep them under the rug. Some people’s metaphorical rugs are basically acting as a second floor. It’s time for spring cleaning to begin and today we’ll air everything out! As my Pastor signs every church newsletter, “Let’s be real.”


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