Happy National One Day Without Shoes Day!


This holiday was started by Toms in order to raise awareness about poverty around the world. I actually had the opportunity to collaborate with a marketing manager from Toms and submit some film to be part of their One Day Without Shoes video campaign in schools. Although I didn’t have the guts to walk outside without protection on my feetsies today, I did wear a super cute pair of flats that tore my feet apart like I wasn’t wearing anything at all!

It’s super nice outside today with temperatures up near 80 and spring sunshine that actually matches where we are in the calendar. I got to do some observation time at Lincoln High School again today during their percussion class and in honor of the weather shift they went outside to do some field marching! Needless to say I marched around in my ballet flats and skirt and am now quite red. I kept my sweater on, even though I was sweltering, so I kept most of myself out of the sun but of course every bit of me that was exposed is now just a little pink. Even the tops of my feet! …Gotta love being goldilocks. Now that my feet are sore, dirty, and sunburned I have little more understanding and appreciation for the holiday. Next up is an opera performance but in the mean time my feet are bundled up and cozy, it’s been a rough day. I wish I had time for a pedicure!


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