Happy National Babe Ruth Day!

photo (4)Hello!

First of all, I am kicking myself for missing a perfect blog moment yesterday! I completely forgot to include my best idea ever. As I’m watching The Office it only makes sense that my life naturally falls into sync. Let’s go back in time for a second and watch this beautiful clip in honor of National Pretzel Day!

Now we can move on to the real holiday! Did you know that the Baby Ruth candy bar really was named after Babe Ruth? Although it was originally publicized that it was actually in honor of Ruth Cleveland, the daughter of President Grover Cleveland, over time this charade peeled away. Here are some interesting facts that I found about the candy bar from this todayifoundout site!

  • Seventy four years after the Baby Ruth candy bar was named after Ruth, Nestle, who now owns the rights to the Baby Ruth candy bar, finally officially acquired the rights to use Babe Ruth’s name and likeness in Baby Ruth marketing campaigns.
  • Nestle has since played this up even more when in 2007 they claimed the Baby Ruth candy bar is “the official candy bar of major league baseball”.
  • In 1923, Otto Schnering, the founder of the Curtiss Candy Company, hired a pilot to fly his plane over Pittsburgh and drop several thousand Baby Ruth candy bars over the city. Each candy bar was equipped with a parachute, to avoid injuring people.

I always love learning something new and including a candy bar in the mix just makes everything that much sweeter! Although in all honesty this is my very least favorite candy bar. Nuts ruin every candy bar and it’s super messy to eat! If I was a candy bar manufacturer I would develop a much better treat to pay homage to the one baseball player I actually know anything about. Happy holidays nonetheless!


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