Happy National Pretzel Day!

photo (3)Hello!

Last year I munched on pretzels to celebrate and we’re back once again! After Nick’s composition recital last night he finally has time to breathe and we got the I5 Tour’ crew back together for lunch. Worst service of any restaurant ever, but we finally got some Thai food in our bellies and had a nice get-together. Then I stopped in at the gross mini mart across the street to look for pretzels. I did in fact find them, and some garbage – which you can see in the picture, but at a 350% mark up I wasn’t willing to pull the trigger on a snack.

As my closest companions know, there’s nothing that I love more in life than a soft pretzel with cheese. I mean – sure, Eric, mums, and Joey my oboe are on their own separate list, but pretzels are at the very top of the non-essentials. I wish that I didn’t have such a long to-do list for the day otherwise I would be venturing off to the Lloyd Center mall to visit Wetzel’s Pretzels! With the opera opening tonight and a kajillion Fiverr orders like usual I’d rather get some stuff done. But maybe tonight if I’m still craving a pretzel I can grab one of those microwave ones from Safeway. That’s a last resort though… Happy holidays!


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