Happy National Talk Like Shakespeare Day!

photo (2)Hello!

For when thy calendar hark, one doth oblige. With this spectacle I pronounce unto thee mine own misfortune and un-equip to prepare a sonnet by mine own mind. As the words come out, flowing as a stream I find to be rocks, crags, spurning and shifting the rhythm of their time. The sentences come slowly out towards comprehension and alas a word of French pairs too. Seemingly shy, the mind pulls from each direction yonder towards the fair horizon as it tragically peeters on. All those who enthuse literature and culture doth me quell and wish to squander my enthusiasm and I offer unto thee my apology with cowardice and shame. Thy will find not iambic pentameter here nor a lark who calls sweet a reference of old age which doth thy mind recall like love. How tasked I am by this mad direction by which I am pushed and pulled and swayed. The opera casts over me as a shadow to the moon and thus the night bestows itself upon the earth. With sniffles of the nose and weary eyes I bow unto the clock and send this post off to the world where it is to be judged and scorned. Be kind my friends for better thou would not do by thine own accord. If fate thou wish to tempt, protest your greatest rebuttal below. Shakespeare calls, and off to the war I march.


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