Happy Earth Day!

photo (1)Hello!

Welcome to Earth Day! Aka, Armageddon in Portland. I always try to kind of sketch out my blog during the day while I’m dozing off in class so that I have a head start on the creative process (although I forget most of it anyway) and as I was walking back from my observation time at a local high school I took a lovely picture of the green, lush park blocks and thought about how I would mention the beauty of Oregon’s landscape and how we need to preserve it… And then things took a turn for the worse. Our oboe chamber group was practicing and all of a sudden it got super dark and the sky was just thrashing rain down onto those poor trees in the park blocks that I mentioned previously. It was nuts! … And sudden too. By the time I left to walk home for a quick break half of the sky had cleared up, leaving this amazing spectacle on the slower side. Really crazy, huh? The Earth is a magical place and we need to take care of it so that these little harmless phenomena are as bad as it gets.

I’m also feeling a little under the weather, although under this weird weather right now I’m not sure where that phrase leaves me. I think Eric passed along his cold with our quick Easter meeting this past weekend or something because my throat feels like it’s swelling shut and I’m swallowing fiery daggers – not fun! What with so much going on right now (opera 7-11 every night after a full day of classes) I can’t exactly stay home and sleep. I can, however, drink tea with honey (6 parts honey to 1 part tea of course) and suck on cough drops all day. I’ll make it through but I can’t promise it will be pretty.


P.S. For those who love dancing, watching dancing, or living vicariously through movies about an underdog going for a dream, you should become a fan of the film Dance Baby Dance. You can read about the story by following the link and get movie updates on Facebook and Twitter.

body scrubP.S. Momma’s Best Homemade is just what you need to get back to the basics! Their body scrubs are to die for! They’re handcrafted with love, made from only the best natural and organic products, of course. Tammy Mason started making the products for herself and then decided to share these wonderful organic products with everyone else too. How sweet!

P.S. Cash in a Flash Making Money Selling on eBay: for Moms, Dads, & Grads is a great new Kindle book by Jenice P. Alexander that can help you break into the eBay marketplace. Priced at only $2.99 it’s a steal that holds a lot of potential for you!

P.S. Do you want to win tickets to SNL and support a great cause at the same time? This fundraiser allows you to donate to the research and cure of muscular dystrophy and be entered into a drawing to win tickets to SNL! Click on the link for more information.

P.S. IntensaFireStore has just launched their new custom chrome Xbox One controllers! If you’re a gamer you have to check these out because they’re awesome. Visit their website or call toll free to 1-888-779-1377 for more information about these and other products.

logo_BME_2_smP.S. The Baby Monitor Expo is another must-visit site for soon-to-be-parents who need a little guidance. Read reviews, see featured products, and choose the right baby monitor to meet all of your needs. Get more information about the site and email admin@babymonitorexpo.com if you have any questions!

P.S. PixTeller is a super cool program that allows you to create amazing images with a lot of personality! Design inspirational quotes, greeting cards, banners, and more. Then print or share and watch them go viral!



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