Happy National Surprise Drug Test Day!


Hahaha! This would come after 4/20! As the sole proprietor of this blog I have a little liberty when choosing holidays and obviously pick ones to celebrate that facilitate more practical festivities and match my interests. So, obviously yesterday I chose to highlight Easter Sunday and National Plum Pudding Day instead of National Pot Smokers Day. Now that’s not to say that I make up my holidays or am somehow tricking my viewership – or at least that’s not the point, I just figure ‘my blog, my rules’. This one, while not practical to celebrate, is way too good to pass up. I find so many funny little nuances in the calendar that just crack me up and remind me why I love to do this. There literally is something to celebrate every day, even if it is just a joke. I think we need a little more joking in our society; not that we shouldn’t take things seriously, but there’s already so much muck in the world and I think we need a little more nonsense. Now, I’m sure that many employers and drug testers find quite a bit of legitimacy and purpose in the holiday, but you have to admit that the timing is priceless. Happy Monday everybody and I hope you celebrated a responsible holiday yesterday, for the sake of your employment… Let’s just say this is a little bit of fair warning.


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