Happy Easter Sunday!

image (1)Hello!

As you found out yesterday, if you’re an avid daily reader, I caught a train home after the opera rehearsal so that I could be home for Easter. Any regular church attender knows that Easter is like the Black Friday of lost souls. That sounds terribly crass but it’s really true. The pews are always packed on Easter and it’s the one Sunday of the year that people are more likely to agree to an invitation. People like getting dressed up, going to church, and then sitting around chatting and eating with families all day. Plus, the sermons are always great because the pastors have been working on their Easter sermon all year and if your church is like mine they bring out the cool hands on activities, powerful testimonials, and back tingling worship songs; we’re talking about the big leagues here. So obviously I wanted to come home for that. He is risen – he is risen indeed!

We had the lovely pleasure of spending the day with Eric’s mom (my soon to be mother in law) and it was really great to catch up with her and spend some quality time. We didn’t have anything big planned, no traditional Easter dinner or anything – it just never got put together, so instead we made breakfast burritos and snacked on some beautiful fruit. Notice the empty bowl of raspberries… my doing! Unfortunately I’m back off to Portland again on the Bolt Bus this evening. Spending time with my loves has brought my mood back up and re-inspired me to give this week another go. Too bad it’ll be two full weeks until I see them again so right nowI will gladly just sit here and smile while my adorable fiancé snoozes on the couch close by. We are so close to the end of long distance forever and I really can’t wait. He’s just too perfect to not have around every day. I actually have a feeling that the acclamation process to life in the same town, and then the same house, will do us some damage but it’ll be good; anything is better than this nonsense right now. On a lighter note, happy Easter everyone and if you’re not religious, you can celebrate National Plum Pudding day too!


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