Happy International Amateur Radio Day!


Did you know that PSU has a radio station? To be perfectly honest I haven’t ever listened to it but I do know that one exists and that’s half the battle, right? Check out the KPSU schedule and turn it on to end the silence! I always have some sound going on. The clicking of my keyboard alone is just too much to bear so I always have some background noise. It rotates between Netflix and Spotify, depending on the amount of work I actually have to get done. I love speed watching shows so I’m already in Season 7 of The Office and I started it a week ago… It’s my third run of it but I’m still in love. Whenever I’m awake, Netflix is on. I suppose just for today I could turn on the radio instead, but I think I’m far too invested in the usual Office antics to stop, I’m basically addicted. Happy holidays everyone and get into some amateur radio today! Actually, fun fact – the couple who lived in our house before us had a HAM radio station and there was a huge pole in our front yard where he had the radio tower! I didn’t even know people could dabble in radio because it seems like such a far off concept; however, I guess people also think that musicians just ‘know’ what to play and that the conductors are only there for show so it just proves that every hobby is a little different and unless you’re trained and invested in it, it can seem a little impossible.


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