Happy National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day!


I can’t believe that in my major pity party yesterday I forgot to even mention here that Eric and I just celebrated our 3 year anniversary! What a crazy ride! I can’t wait to start counting our wedding anniversaries instead!

So today I am sticking to my pajamas; comfort is key, right? I took the morning off to recuperate after yesterday’s disaster and have a feeling that today will be much better. I’m getting some work done this morning, made a nice big breakfast, and then will come into classes this afternoon. Taking a moment away from everything just gives me a little while to recharge and reboot. With the first full opera rehearsal with singers tonight I definitely need the energy. I know it’s probably a little late to change your wardrobe, but don’t fall to peer pressure today. Be comfy and live your life how you want to – according to holidays, of course!


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P.S.Richard Elliot is the Editor of the Oquirrh Observer and the writer of the weekly column From My Window just for fun. Get into a great, consistent read and enjoy his thoughtful musings! Send any questions, comments, suggestions, or complaints to richard.elliott@oquirrhobserver.com.

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P.S. “The Balance” by Neal Wooten is a new young adult dystopian novel published by Bold Strokes Books. It’s due out yesterday on April 15th so check your local bookstores for availability or order online through the link on Amazon.


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