Happy National McDonald’s Day!


Today has been rough, and I mean rough. I don’t know what’s gotten into me but I am in a serious shlump and although I don’t have much on my to-do list I feel incredibly overwhelmed! I cried through my aural skills test and was weirdly inconsolable during my lesson. It’s not even that I messed up or couldn’t play my part, I just broke down as I was putting my oboe together. Karen handed me some Starbucks napkins for my tears and offered that I come back another time but I really needed help with an orchestra part that is killer hard. We got through the lesson more or less unscathed and the excerpt did improve, but golly it was hard to keep the tears in. If I knew what was troubling me it would be easier to address, but it’s not just like I can turn in a paper and the stress is alleviated. After my morning burst of classes I walked over to Lincoln High School for an hour of observation for my MuEd practicum. It helped a little bit to get away from things and just sit and pretend like that could be me one day up on the podium. Lunch finally rolled around and I just finished up my cheeseburger – that helped. I definitely eat my feelings. Thankfully Karen cancelled trio so the only thing left to do today is Orchestra. We’ll see how that goes; happy thoughts everybody – please!


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