Happy International Moment of Laughter Day!


Today was pretty ridiculously meh. I’m not really sure why but there was a huge rain cloud following me all day! Theory was confusing because I don’t like the 21st century harmony stuff, [redacted] was [redacted], piano was rough and I have a two day test starting Wednesday, Intro to MusicEd was frustrating as we discussed that we all don’t know what requirements we have for the degree program, and High Brass was just a little tricky while we’re starting instruments. Finally, I left the music building at 5 and on my walk home I overheard some guys talking in front of me, “so what class did you have today?” Class. Singular. As in – one. Don’t  even get me started. I know I got myself into this mess and it’s the steps to a brighter future but I am a little worn out and it’s week only 3. Lord give me strength! Trust me there was very little laughter today.

Luckily I have had The Office on for the past 4 days so there have been intermittent chuckles at the very least. Multitasking is a lot more fun when I can live through Jim and Pam. Dwight’s Fire Drill might have been my only moment of laughter so far today. Thank goodness for Dwight.


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