Happy National Scrabble Day!


Our 3 year anniversary weekend is coming to a close soon and Eric will be on the bus back home in a couple hours but we’re making the most of the morning that we have right now. Coffee date and donuts from Blue Star Donuts were a total hit for breakfast! I heard about this downtown donut company on the Food Network and we went there once before; coming back was another definite success! The flavors today were Blueberry Bourbon Basil, Maple Bacon, and Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar. All delicious and almost too much goodness to handle. Then we raced over to Target for Scrabble because I don’t have that one in my Portland board game collection. Scrabble is one of those games that I always end of cheating in. I have a perfect word but no where to put it? I’m squeezing it in and if there happens to be an extra letter on the end sue me! I just can’t take it seriously and although it is a fun game I know I’m no fun to play with. Words with Friends isn’t even a worthy substitute.


P.S. This amazing young entrepreneur needs your help to be accepted as a speaker for the main stage at a huge tech summit in Dublin. Watch his video then click and like to vote for Bilal Awan so that he has the opportunity to share his passion and innovative thoughts!

coin catP.S. JokeAppTv has a new mobile game for Android for iOS to enjoy called Coin Cat Riches. Search for treasure with Kat and his metal detector! This fast paced game has fun music and locations to explore. Great for phones and tablets!

P.S. Oberon King of the Fairies wants you to know that he’s a world changing universal mystic. When the website goes live you’ll have an easy way to reach him and find out more about the mystic potential he can bestow upon your life.

P.S.  Do you need help resolving your tax debt? Tom Tax Lawyer can help you get to the bottom of things. Read the linked post to find out why it’s better to hire an advocate instead of a number cruncher in the event of debt to the IRS.

P.S. Keep tabs on your friends and family with this safe, secure GPS Tracker App for your iPhone or iPad. With improved privacy and reliability you can have updates and stay safe in case of an emergency.

P.S. Super King is a fun game where you can drive a charismatic king to save his daughter, the princess, from evil ogres. Jump from wheel to wheel, catch coins, delve into and be fired out of canons, and explore levels at various difficulties! Super fun!



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