Happy National Sibling Day!


Major perk of the new phone: Facetime!! I’m an hour north of Conner this evening so a short phone call was the only way we could celebrate. It’s been a long day (9.5 hours in the music building) and even seeing him be silly for half a second was a nice perk. All I can do is roll my eyes at him, like all the time, but he’s gonna do great things and, contrary to popular belief, he is growing up into a really great guy. Hug your siblings today! It is true, your siblings will be some of your longest friends in life!


P.S. Pico Greetings creates handmade greeting cards that can be attached to a computer monitor as a fun display! It’s a unique way to give a gift card and anyone who receives one will feel special. Perfect for the office, too!

Photoshop_Flyer2P.S. Click the photo for a better look and go to a photoshop course by A New Cloud. The 7 day workshop in Hollywood, California usually only costs $315 but my viewers can get in for only $200!

email_blast_logo_v2P.S. ReillyCo specializes in tangible branding solutions! Did you know that your branded shirt will be kept for an average of 5 years? Let ReillyCo help you stay relevant and fresh for effective advertising! Questions? Email sales@reillycorporation.com!

P.S. Javita is the coffee company that’s changing lives one cup at a time! Try weight loss coffee, lean green tea with Garcinia Cambogia and Yerba Mate, or even Energy + Mind coffee to improve focus. Look for weight loss hot chocolate coming soon!

bloggerP.S. Anna Scanlon has the cutest blog! I love promoting other bloggers because everyone offers their own take on really awesome (or useless, in my case) information. Read all about lifestyle tips, snack ideas, beauty tricks, and more! Even learn how to recreate her bun!


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