Happy National Cherish an Antique Day!


Alright, the secret is out – I still sleep with my baby blankets. Actually, it’s not a seriously well-kept secret so it’s possible that I’ve already mentioned it. I swear I’m not super weird about it or anything but they’re the perfect size to act as ear warmers and there literally isn’t a softer fabric in the world. It’s an antique from my life thus far and right now I’m cherishing it! Snuggle up everybody, the sun came out today but it sure didn’t heat up enough!

Also, the building tested the fire alarms yesterday and I was in class so I never heard it but I sure heard a lot of slack about it. After I got home from classes today and was practicing, the alarm went off and directed me to exit the building. First things first, I packed up my oboe, carefully took the time to put my reeds back in the box, threw it on my back, and walzed on out. While I was taking the extra time to save my beloved Joey, I wondered, “if this is a real emergency, is this worth my life? — Yes. Definitely.” Welp, after we slugged down 12 flights of stairs we were greeted by firemen and a very embarrassed guy who admitted that his burnt dinner was to blame. Some say the drill jinxed the building. Moral of the story… my oboe is equal to my life.


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