Happy National Tabletop Day!


I love board games! Like, man I like board games! There’s something super thrilling about strategizing, plotting, and planning. I wouldn’t say I’m a sore loser or anything but I am super competitive. When I play, I play to win. Unless, of course, it’s Scrabble and then I will cheat and make up words. Today Eric is taking advantage of huge game sales on Amazon and adding to his collection of nerdy games to play together. We also have a guy in town who designs and produces board games so we stopped by his all-day board game event. We played Ticket to Ride Europe which was a slight detour from our usual Ticket to Ride experience on the American game board. Part of the added difficulty was just finding the cities in Europe! Then we played Takenoko – a Japanese board game about growing bamboo for the emperor! Our friend Garret actually was talking about it to us a week or so ago and said he was interested in it. It wasn’t my favorite as it was a little slow for my taste but it was super adorable and cute.

It’s so nice to have a community that makes celebrating these holidays so easy! We just got to hang out with some new people and try some new tabletop board games that we’ve been interested in. Now off to see Kurt Elling (a jazz musician) at Western Oregon for a special concert! Hopefully that lives up to the fun we already had this afternoon.


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  1. I wanted to start something like this blog when I was a kid. I don’t remember why I never did it. You are doing a great work. Thanks.

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