Happy National Vitamin C Day!


Ahhhh, Friday. It’s only been one week? Really? Gee wiz! I’m ready for the term to be over already! Luckily, I get to go home this weekend so I’m heading off to the Bolt Bus in about an hour and munching on the remainder of my fruit before I leave so it doesn’t go bad (lots of Vitamin C!). After this, though, I’m stranded up here for a month while the opera steals my soul. Playing in the pit is fun but it’s a huge time commitment, especially to not be paid. Opportunities are priceless, right?

I know a lot of my ramblings really have nothing to do with celebrating holidays but I have to keep my mother informed and convince myself that people might care a little bit about my boring musings! Well, yesterday was anything but boring because my blog was linked by a blogger for the NEW YORK TIMES! Whaaaaat? Yeah! I had a kajillion views yesterday and thought, ‘I’m definitely not that popular, where are they all coming from?’ so I went backwards through the referral link and ta-da, New York Times website! Crazy, crazy! I told Eric yesterday that I’m never going to be able to quit this thing because every month or so something about it gets a little bit better. First it was just breaking 100 views, then being reblogged by others, then my Fiverr idea popped up, and now this! It’s so darn rewarding and I just keep thanking God for putting little victories in my path.

Eat lots of fruit and rock that vitamin C today! Although, I don’t know if I can finish my bowl… the strawberries at the bottom have been soaking in pineapple juice for 4 days when I cut this all up and it’s like drinking lighter fluid. The inside of my mouth is lit’rally disintegrating as I type… At least my sniffles might go away?


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