Happy National Find a Rainbow Day!


Today’s holiday finalized my sneaking suspicion about the perfect way to sum up this blog project – it’s basically a ginormous scavenger hunt. Find a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, find a pencil, find a creme donut, find you fiance and kiss them, find a rainbow! One summer in high school I organized a huge photo scavenger hunt for my friends and I and we had to take ridiculous pictures of us doing things or posing with certain objects. This is the exact same thing!! Luckily this isn’t a race or doesn’t fall under a time limit – I never can seem to win those things. Every fun activity like that that I’ve participated in kicked my butt. Like, I’ll think we’re just racing through it and then we reach the finish line and realize all the other teams have been there for half an hour. I suppose this does kind of have a time limit, like get it done before the day is out, but sometimes they sneak in after midnight so that isn’t even totally true, haha! It’s always a fun experience and even though this is just a little sticker on a window, I did find my rainbow – on a cloudy day to boot!


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AVATAR_26P.S. http://www.youtube.com/user/Dormienda26 has a fun, super cool YouTube channel. Follow along and watch them play different video games alone, or with friends. The videos are high quality and if you’re into gaming you really have to look into this channel.

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BB23P.S. Baad Baby is the coolest clothing line for the baad girl in you. It’s sexy, edgy, and fun! Get t-shirts, caps, and underwear with an edgy twist. Like them on Facebook too! View the video below for more information.



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