Happy National ‘She’s Funny That Way’ Day!

shes funny that wayHello!

Alrighty – day 1 of Spring Term down! I survived nearly entirely unscathed and have now proved to myself that there was nothing to fear. Although the presence of devious April Fools jokes tomorrow may actually warrant fear. I try not to be gullible but some of those things I just can’t help but fall for. Speaking of tomorrow…. that will make 1 full year that I’ve maintained my blog and kept everyone updated with my daily musings and crazy holiday celebrations. I know that I have definitely grabbed some readers along the way but some of you have stuck with me from the beginning. I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me with this long adventure and everyone needs to give Eric a big round of applause for suffering through my constant ‘wait, we can’t go yet – I forgot to do my blog!’ scrambles. Even that may not be enough. A virtual bouquet and chocolate box might get me a little closer.

I have to be totally honest and say that keeping up with this has not always been ‘fun’. Some days just didn’t seem to even warrant a response from me and when life crashed in this tended to get pushed to the outside… But somehow it’s stuck with me and I actually finished it out. Buuuut I’m not done yet! Don’t stop reading! I’m not leading up to a tearful goodbye or anything (the opposite actually); It’s time for round 2!! Why would I do that to myself? Keep it going? Celebrate again? I thought you only signed yourself up for 365 days!? Well, first off it was a leap year, so that already wasn’t true… And, you know, I’m funny that way.


P.S. ScrapIts is a fun Etsy shop that sells printable anniversary and birthday keepsake party invitations. If you share one of the listings on Pinterest you can get any one digital product for free as a major ‘thank you’!


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