Happy National Pencil Day!


I can’t believe spring term starts tomorrow. I’m just… not ready. Like, at all. Mom and Eric are probably pulling into Albany about now and I already miss them! Although it is comforting to know that Eric and I are now 10 weeks away from being done with 2 years of long distance, about 4 1/2 months out from the wedding, and I’m 2 days away from 1 whole year on this blog project. That’s a lot of good numbers to look forward to. I just gotta put my game face on tomorrow and power through. This term might be my busiest, although it’s the least number of credits I’ve taken in a while, just because none of my classes are worth anything! I mean, sentimentally and academically they’re worth a lot (and time wise they are worth a lot) but credit-wise they’re garbage. Music classes are just all 1 or 2 credit classes so we can fit so much on paper and then I have so much oboe stuff that I’m not even registered for but am playing in for the experience. That’s the game we play, though – right? Somehow I always get it done, though; this term will be no exception. Pack up your pencils, boys and girls – tomorrow we march off to battle… again.


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