Happy National Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day!


Today was an absolutely lovely day. I think I’ve started most of my posts with that sentiment this week, but it’s absolutely true. I was part of a very small population that had yet to see the beloved new Disney movie Frozen and the opportunity came up for an afternoon out! We have a small, vintage movie theatre in town that is just charming. The new owners have done a great job with it and it was a real treat. We found out that it was the Sing Along version instead of the basic film so we were a little wary, especially when the guy at the ticket box kept telling all of the youngsters to “sing loud!” … nooooo. Luckily there weren’t any karaoke ‘stars’ in the audience so I could actually hear all of the songs. The concessions stand in there is great too! We got popcorn, a soft pretzel with cheese (my weakness), soda, iced tea, and affogato with caramel sauce (espresso shot poured over ice cream) for less than $20! Reasonable movie concessions with a gourmet twist? Now that is a good deal! Plus, that fancy espresso thing was super delicious and I want another one, ASAP! Our next date night is totally at the Pix. They’ve won me over for sure. Oh, and I finally got to unload the remaining $8 Pix giftcard I’ve been holding in my wallet for the last 7 years – no joke!

My music taste is a little different than the average bear just because I’m… a little weird. Give me the classical music station and I’ll swoon but I’m also a die hard T-Swift and Hilary Duff fan. What category does that put me in? As far as country goes that’s even farther down on the list than rap, if that’s possible – they at least tie for last place. I have a sweet spot for folk music and Americana but the second you get twang, tequila, or tractors, I’m out. Cross the line into ‘country’ territory and I am completely unimpressed. At least these ones have quirky, interesting titles. Doesn’t mean I’m going to listen to them, though!

</3“Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off,” by Joe Nichols.

</3“She Got the Goldmine, I Got the Shaft,” by Jimmy Reed.

</3“Get Your Tongue Outta My Mouth ‘Cause I’m Kissing You Goodbye,” by Waylon Jennings.

</3“How Come Your Dog Don’t Bite Nobody But Me?” Webb Pierce & Mel Tillis

</3“I Keep Forgetting I Forgot About You” by  Wynn Stewart

</3“Here’s a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares,” by Travis Tritt.

Think of any more that my short research didn’t grab? Leave me a comment! Or attack me for my super weird music tastes, whatever floats your boat. Happy holidays!


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  1. Thank you for Blogging my jewelry 🙂 #AlchemyDivine

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